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Ybrant Digital’s Operational Highlights 2010-11

Ybrant Digital capitalized on this digital marketing industry reality through the following performance: Ybrant

– Registered a 26.35% growth in revenues from `354.1 crore to 447.4 crore and 16% growth in net profit from `84.7 crore to 98.3 crore.

-Released Facebook Quality Control Center (QCC), a new technology solution to comply with Facebook’s advertising regulations, designed to enhance user experience and ensure that only the most relevant and acceptable advertisements are displayed.

-Selected by Facebook as its official marketing application programming interface (API) partner, which will enable the Ybrant digital’s technology platform to integrate into the Facebook Ads system and provide marketers with new solutions.

-Emerged as an exclusive representative for Viacom in Argentina and Chile strengths in display, social media and mobile to offer  seamless cross platform solutions.

 –Ybrant’s brand-safe solutions, prevent advertisements from appearing on non-legitimate sites in real-time.
 -Launched the first mobile advertising campaign using the new Mobile Ad server.
 –Ybrant Digital also launched Lycos Games in the UK and Australia.

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IIM’s among top B-Schools ever

Despite hundreds of B-schools opening doors across India, the premier Indian Institutes of Managements or IIMs continue to be the most coveted. In an environment where many lesser known private B-schools are facing closure and even new IIMs are struggling to attract faculty and build infrastructure, the top 20 B-schools are reinforcing their position in the popularity charts. Down the years, IIMs have been the top pick for almost all aspiring B-school candidate.

b-schoolsAnd now, in the latest study, the MBA rankings list compiled by C-fore research, for the academic year 2012, the Indian Institute of Managements or IIMs lead the race, with the top 10 spots going to IIM-Ahmedabad, followed by IIM-Bangalore, IIM-Calcutta, IIM-Lucknow, XLRI Jamshedpur, IIM-Kozikhode.IMI New Delhi, IMT Ghaziabad, SP Jain Mumbai and FMS Delhi. This year’s surprise has been IMI, delhi which moved up to the 7th place from 15th last year, because of its strong faculty base.While IIM-A is the top choice for Finance and Marketing, IIM-C is most popular for IT and Operations and for those looking to pursue HR, XLRI is a firm favourite. While, IIM-B emerged number 1 in terms of publication in international journals, revenue form management programmes and affiliations to foreign B-schools, IIM-A takes the top spot in terms of revenue from consultancy and incubating startups.In terms of intellectual capital, placements and employer satisfaction, too…there’s no beating IIM-A. However, IIM-bangalore is the strongest in its infrastructure among all schools.Salary structures are also seeing a distinct change…with the gap between averages salaries being paid to graduates from older and newer IIMs narrowing. In 2012, the average salary offered to an IIM-A graduate was 16.4 lakh per annum and the same for IIM-Ranchi was 13 lakhs. But the seven newer IIMs are fighting a tough battle with their older peers. The new and younger IIMs are finding it tough to attract faculty and build infrastructure and have also not found much favour with top companies such as Mckinsey and Boston Consulting who continue to make a beeline for the older IIMs during the placement season.


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