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BRIC’s – New tourist Destinations

UNWTO(Chiranjeevi)BRIC countries will emerge as new destinations with growth of tourist arrivals from crisis-ridden Europe being stagnated, Secretary General of United Nations World Tourism Organisation opined.The international tourist arrivals, which has touched 1.035 billion (that represents more than one trillion dollars in revenue term excluding travelling cost) with 4 per cent growth over 2011, may witness a growth of 3.5 to 4 per cent this year, “Europe is one of the most important sources of tourism in the world.They send lot of tourists. When their economy becomes complicated the world economy becomes complicated,” Rifai told PTI on the sidelines of a conference “But fortunately the world tourism is compensated by the new areas such as China, Russia, India and Brazil. These are the emerging destinations sending more and more tourists making up to some extent of the drop in demand that is caused in Europe. UNWTO Commission’s Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development and 25th Joint Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for East Asia, Pacific and South Asia began in Hyderabad, India. Dr. K. Chiranjeevi, (Union Tourism Minister of India)  said the whole world is going to experience more modest growth – may be half a point to one point less than the last year in tourist arrivals.When you have high rates of growth year after year the rates of growth tend to become smaller and smaller,” Chiranjeevi said when asked about the expected drop in international tourists arrivals this year.




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Digital Advertising accrues, Briton tops.

Advertising spending on the internet jumped 12.5 percent in Britain last year, defying a flagging economy as DA(Mobile Ads)companies battled to reach consumers spending more time on smartphones and tablet computers.The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced through a study conducted by PwC showed spending on online advertising reached 5.42 billion pounds in 2012.The study, which used data from companies that had provided information the previous year, said internet ad spending rose 607 million pounds on 2011, with some 323 million pounds due to an increase in mobile advertising.Britain has led the way in moving advertising from traditional areas like newspapers and radio to the internet. A high take up of broadband and the rise of smartphones and tablet computers which allow users to access the internet on the go have helped the shift.

With around two-thirds of Britons owning a smartphone as of December 2012, mobile advertising now accounts for almost 10 percent of all digital ad spending, compared with about 1 percent in 2009.Video advertising grew 46 percent to 160 million pounds, accounting for 12 percent of online and mobile display in 2012.Demand for mobile ads is likely to increase after auctions for next-generation 4G airwaves earlier this year, which are set to deliver speeds more than five times faster than 3G services. These services will make downloading high-resolution video easier and enable better multi-tasking on the latest smartphones and tablets.The consumer goods sector overtook the finance sector as the biggest spender on digital display advertising – accounting for almost 16 percent of display ad spend in 2012.


Ybrant Digital’s technological platforms & advantages

Ybrant digitalYbrant Digital provides technology solutions to execute global advertisement campaigns by email marketing platforms, ad serving technology requirements, web analytics for publishers and marketer interfaces. Ybrant Digital deploys a mix of open source and commercially-available software, using the following technology platforms:

 Ad management system (AMS): It is an innovative advertisement management technology that combines targeting capabilities with robust tracking, inventory management and reporting features to provide comprehensive solutions or advertisers and publishers.
Co-registration: Co-registration engine is a web-based lead generation software solution, which helps publishers in campaign management, tracking website traffic, revenue accounting and providing performance details on statistical reports.
VoloMP: It is a bulk email platform and the best solution for email marketers as the platform is capable of sending up to 20 million emails per day and can enhance the client’s financial performance.
Affiliate management: Affiliate management software can track high volumes of impressions, clicks and specified actions that could come from different publishing sources including websites, emails, search engines and newsletters.
Ybrant Digital’s campaign analysis optimizes customer response rates and targets the right customer mix to achieve desired target goals

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