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LYCOS – Distinct, not Distant


Let me think of myself as a brand. Well, I want to be remembered. Remember me for? What defines me? If I have it in me, I got to do something that defines me. Invent something, develop a unique skill, get noticed for something — it creates a talking point. Guess so? 

Great brands fight the vagaries of time and stay ahead by reinventing and adapting to the ever changing needs of the consumers at large. Reviving an old brand often beats spending months and millions on creating a new one, with a lower risk of failure. If something has worked before there is a good chance that it will work again.

Less flower, more power worked!

The simplest version of this strategy is for a company to revive all of its products or choose one of its own brands. Remember the textbook case of Volkswagen’s revival of the Beetle in the 1990s. Volkswagen played on nostalgia for the 1960s, when the Beetle became the semi-official vehicle of the hippie movement, while reassuring purchasers that it was thoroughly modern: “less flower, more power”. A second version is for a healthy firm to take over an ailing rival’s brands and breathe new life into them. BMW acquired Mini when it bought Rover in 1994, retooled the car to German standards, and made it a huge success.

Well, it’s no different online. LYCOS, the very brand of the Internet, one of the original and the most widely known Internet brands in the world, has evolved from one of the first search engines on the web, into a comprehensive digital media destination for consumers across the world. Lycos has been a pioneer in intelligent spidering search technology, combining its proprietary technology with other best in class services to provide a simple yet a powerful internet experience to its users and clients.

Today, brand LYCOS is a legacy that has embraced the very need of the present day youth in offering cool products for entertainment and networking. Name it, from chat, games, news, email and more. In the hands of the successful team that metamorphosed from a back-end company to being the front-end digital power-house Ybrant Digital (now LYCOS), the hay days of LYCOS have taken a new beginning!


In the land of the Internet, LYCOS is the first man to last long and stand tall as so depictive of its present logo. A brand that enables excitement and emotionally binds you by simplifying your life in many ways than one.

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Exciting LYCOS, Enthusing Turnaround!

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French President François Hollande Promises to Ban Homework as Part of Educational Initiatives


If he manages to push his latest proposals through, French President François Hollande may find himself with a few more young supporters on his side.

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China’s reform issue

China’s top financial policymakers expressed determination on Friday to push on with their campaign to reform and rebalance the world’s second-largest economy even as growth cools.Manufacturing activity in China has slowed for the past eight months, prompting expectations that regulators could dramatically loosen monetary and fiscal policies to spur the economy, as they did during the last global downturn. However, top officials who spoke at a financial forum in Shanghai indicated they will maintain the current “prudent” policy mix, while continuing with reform. 

ImageChina will also expand the financing channels available to banks, allowing them to raise funds overseas and retain higher levels of profit, Chinese banks have been in the spotlight in the past year with investors worried that a slowing economy may increase losses from bad loans, especially after the banks loaned some 10.7 trillion yuan to local governments following the 2008-09 financial crisis.Nearly all these reforms, such as boosting institutional investment, are long-term positive factors, and will not immediately push large amount of money into the market, Early economic indicators suggest growth did not pick up in June, raising doubts over whether China can meet its 2012 growth target of 7.5%, a level many thought the economy would comfortably exceed when it was announced in March. The reform push led by the central bank and other financial watchdogs represents a change in approach by Beijing from the last crisis. To offset the effects of the global downturn that began in 2008, China unleashed a wave of policy lending, infrastructure spending and other fiscal stimulus. It successfully revived growth but exacerbated existing structural economic distortions, encouraging real estate and stock speculation and enabling local governments to incur the USD 1.68 trillion pile of debt.

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20 Years in Bollywood: ShahRukh Khan

On this day two decades ago a new Hindi film superstar emerged: Bollywood’s all-time favourite romantic hero Shah Rukh Khan, who debuted with Deewana. On completing 20 years, Khan says he just ‘got lucky’ and admits he has made mistakes all along. Superstardom, disappointment and controversies – Delhi boy Shah Rukh Khan has seen it all in his celebrity hood. For Khan, it’s been two decades in Bollywood, but his tryst with showbiz began in 1988, the year he started his journey with TV series Fauji, after being trained at The Barry John’s Acting Studio. Next year he featured in another successful show Circus and Doosra Keval.If people loved his act on small screen, he won hearts as a crazy lover in Deewana, in which he was competing with none other than Rishi Kapoor in the lead role. But lady luck was smiling on him and audiences loved his chemistry with the late Divya Bharti. The song Aisi deewangi dekhi nahin kabhi picturised on them became a chartbuster. Deewana turned out to be a huge hit at the box office, and won Khan a Filmfare Best Male Debut Award.There was no looking back thereafter – only more films, more hits, and more awards for Khan. His success earned him titles like – King Khan and the Bollywood Badshah.He redefined the romantic hero in Hindi cinema with many films and his work profile is eclectic.

At the peak of his career in 2007, he choose to go back to his roots: Television – to host the third season of the game show Kaun Banega Crorepati. After making it big in showbiz, he turned businessman by launching his production house Red Chillies Entertainment and later by investing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), whose victory at the fifth IPL Season was a silver lining for the star this year as lately, he has been a part of controversies. Now, one of the most lovable Bollywood actor is set to return to his lovey-dovey avatar with Yash Chopra’s next directorial venture. He will be seen romancing Katrina Kaif in it.

“Twenty uninterrupted years of serving. Not enough talent or looks or game plan. Thank you all. I guess I got lucky, lucky to be working all the time,” tweeted Khan, who entered filmdom with Deewana, which was released on June 25, 1992. “Made mistakes, still continue to do so. A little madness. A bit of solitude. Too silly to realise it’s impossible and maybe that’s why it gets achieved.”Mom said to only feel and say positive things. ‘Your Farishtey (angels) are always listening and fulfil your words’. My Farishtey work overtime,” wrote SRK.


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India’s credit rating- Stable

ImageMoody’s Investors Service announced that it was maintaining a stable outlook on India’s Baa3 rating as problems such as slower growth and higher inflation were long-standing and already factored into the outlook. The agency considered the global and domestic factors, including potential shocks in agriculture, and said they could keep India’s growth below trend for the next few quarters. But it felt recent negative trends were unlikely to become permanent or even medium-term features of the Indian economy.

Furthermore, the impact of lower growth and still-high inflation will deteriorate credit metrics in the near term, but not to the extent that they will become incompatible with India’s current rating, is what Moody predict and even Indian govt is confident on this.

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Next President of India?????

ImagePratibha Patil wakes to the sound of trumpets and horse-backed riders in the cobbled courtyard of her magnificent palace in New Delhi, she walks on a treadmill, prays at her private temple and prepares for a long, hollow day. That’s how it has been for Patil and her 11 predecessors as president of India: a grand office and an opulent home with liveried attendants, but almost no power. But that might change when Patil leaves office in July and a new president is elected for the next five years. 

For the first time since India became independent 65 years ago, it may have a president with political clout. That power will flow from a prerogative that effectively gives the president a casting vote when no one political party has a clear mandate to rule – the likely outcome of the next national elections due by 2014.

A politically driven president – and the leading contender for the job, current Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, is certainly that – could also take advantage of India’s vaguely worded constitution to influence legislation in a parliament splintered by many parties and alliances. He could also use his power to dissolve an impossibly fractured parliament, and delay or even scupper legislation by withholding the required presidential assent. “The role of the president will be critical after the next general elections,” wrote M.J. Akbar, a former Congress party lawmaker, in the India Today weekly. “In theory, a president is above politics; in practice, he is what he chooses to be.”

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