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Global presence of Ybrant Digital

Ybrant Digital – One of the leading Indian digital marketing company with significant global presence.Ybrant digital
 – Ybratn digital offers multi-channel platform with proprietary technology to reach consumers across different screens (net, mobile, video, social media) & across countries including faster growing emerging markets such as Latin America, Israel, India, China and Australia.
 – Made 12 corporate investments over the last six years to achieve wider market penetration in terms of        product & reach.
 – Generates over 1.5 billion searches and 34 billion impressions per month to service 150+ agencies & brands of over 2000+ advertisers and 6000+publishers across 140 countries.
 – Owner of premium brands like Lycos, Gamesville, Tripod and Angelfire
 – Ybrant also emerged as a player of relevance for three of the top five publisher networks and three of the top five advertising agencies globally.
 – Ybrant Digital partnered through advertising agencies with blue chip advertisers and publisher networks including MTV, Yahoo, Samsung, Facebook, MSN, Viacom, Amex, Mastercard, Maruti Suzuki, Bharati Airtel,Sony India, Coco Cola, Star India, Vodafone, Reliance Communications, Samsung Electronics, Lenovo, ING, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Titan, Unilever, P&G, Mazda, Hyundai Motors, Tata Motors, ICICI Bank, LIC, HP, Telstra and ITC.


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Ybrant Digital’s technological platforms & advantages

Ybrant digitalYbrant Digital provides technology solutions to execute global advertisement campaigns by email marketing platforms, ad serving technology requirements, web analytics for publishers and marketer interfaces. Ybrant Digital deploys a mix of open source and commercially-available software, using the following technology platforms:

 Ad management system (AMS): It is an innovative advertisement management technology that combines targeting capabilities with robust tracking, inventory management and reporting features to provide comprehensive solutions or advertisers and publishers.
Co-registration: Co-registration engine is a web-based lead generation software solution, which helps publishers in campaign management, tracking website traffic, revenue accounting and providing performance details on statistical reports.
VoloMP: It is a bulk email platform and the best solution for email marketers as the platform is capable of sending up to 20 million emails per day and can enhance the client’s financial performance.
Affiliate management: Affiliate management software can track high volumes of impressions, clicks and specified actions that could come from different publishing sources including websites, emails, search engines and newsletters.
Ybrant Digital’s campaign analysis optimizes customer response rates and targets the right customer mix to achieve desired target goals

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Ybrant Digital’s Revenue Models

Ybrant digital provides end-to-end digital marketing solutions to global businesses, agencies, advertisers and online publishers, by utilizing the power of the Internet. It buys media from publishers and sells them to the advertisers and agencies.
-It has affiliations with over 6,000 online publishers and over 140 agencies.

CPM (Cost per thousand impressions):An impression is a single appearance of an advertisement on a web page.

Each time an advertisement loads onto a user’s screen, the ad server counts that loading as one impression. CPM is
used for measuring the worth and cost of a specific e-marketing campaign and it is usually applied with web banners,
text links, email and opt-in e-mail advertising.
CPC (Cost per click):
is used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay publishers when the advertisements are clicked upon.
CPA (Cost per action):
In CPA, the advertiser pays for each specified action purchase, form submission and other things inked to the advertisement.
Thus, –Ybrant Digital enables advertisers to tackle the potential of the digital media by connecting them to target audiences, enhancing their brand visibility and maximizing their revenues.

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Balancing act of a Growth Enterprise: Ybrant Digital

Ybrant Digital, a digital marketing company, has found success by maintaining a healthy balance between organic and inorganic growth. As it grows from strength to strength, the company’s top management see it emerging as a leader as fragmented markets consolidate themselves in the future.

ybrant-digital-Where there is media, there is content creation. And this content creation requires monetization. With the digital medium, digital marketing is a critical element to growth, Ybrant Digital (Ybrant). And Ybrant’s objective is to focus on the monetization by fundamentally helping content builders find suitable advertisers and providing advertisers with an effective medium.

However, this business clarity took its time. The company began as a digital greeting cards concern in the U.S. and morphed with a change in market dynamics. There is a definite difference between having a business plan and implementing it in the face of market realities. They went from being a dot com to a services provider to advertising networks in the U.S. That team saw this move was impacting them positively and prompted a decision to climb higher in the value chain. This was a move that was more due to opportunity as opposed to facing a difficulty. And if turnovers tell a story, the move was certainly in the right direction. Ybrant Digital ended 2011 with revenues of close to 272 Cr and today, its presence has spread to over 20 countries.


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Ybrant digital’s 2012

An incredible year for a global leader of digital marketing industry, Ybrant Digital. Most of the year’s good news were from Facebook and our growth in this companionship throughout the year. If we see the developments of a previous year, list follows this way:

ybrant-digiTo start with, Ybrant Digital became their key company by offering privileged advertising features for FB campaigns. Sooner, ybrant  set the trend in the social sphere by becoming part of the Preferred Marketing Program Developer on Facebook, having obtained the relevant certificate under the Advertising API. Ybrant planned to buy an US firm for $175mn and however the deal falls though. Ybrant Digital then acquired some minor stake in Israel based web 3.0 in June. Then the long awaited merger with Hyderabad IT firm LGS Global completed by listing Ybrant digital in BSE. Then they planned & raised $100mn through PE to fund one of its proposed acquisitions from PE firms like GE Asia Pacific Capital, Oak Investments, Venus Capital and many more. Throughout the year Ybrant, as a leading digital marketing firm have seen many gains and some downsides also. As a whole 2012 helped Ybrant Digital gain more growth in both revenues, sales and market base.


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Ybrant Digital’s Financial Valuations

An organization which runs its operations world wide and that too a company which stands on the top among its peers should own strong fundamentals and its financial valuations must be concrete. Ybrant Digital is one of ybrantthe most reputed company in the global countries and is also a crown company of its digital marketing industry. Being such a huge organization, how would be its financials. Lets see the briefing.

When someone observes the financial valuations of a company, it is the utmost priority or first calculation on its Market capitalization(MarketCap). It is actually the aggregate value of a company, which is 3493 cr for Ybrant Digital. And recently BSE announced Ybrant Digital as a MidCap company because of its increased MarketCap. Other element which is considered mostly by value investors is Book Value, it is the left over value(net asset value) of a company in case of sudden out of business,  if the co’s book value is less than stock price then the co’s assets do have a problem. Ybrant Digital has Book value rather better than many other midcaps, compared to its stock price it is 7 times higher @ BV- 11.80. Then comes the return on equity which is 32.12% better than average, Return on Asset – 10.38% better, Profit Margin – 11.19% good & Total Debt – 5.05 on an average. Finally Net Income which proves its business operations strength is 749.95 times better than the other companies or its peers. Its share price is excellent and Ybrant Digital’s stock one of the best performing in BSE, is seen as a Multibagger by investors included up to 20% in their portfolio’s on an average.



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Singapore’s economy- stronger year ahead

The latest growth snapshot of Singapore’s economy may have painted a worrying picture, but economists point to encouraging signs in other parts of Asia which signal that the worst could be over for the tiny island state. Singapore’s gross domestic product (GDP) in the third quarter contracted at a faster pace than initially expected, shrinking 5.9 percent in the third quarter from the previous quarter, worse than its earlier flash estimate of a 1.5 percent contraction.

On a year-on-year basis, the economy grew 0.3 percent from the same period last year, slower than the advance estimate of 1.3 percent and economists’ forecasts of 0.9 percent. The set of numbers prompted the government to reduce its outlook for GDP this year which it now expects to grow at around 1.5 percent, down from a previous forecast of 1.5-2.5 per cent.However, the third quarter numbers could be as bad as it get for Singapore, according to economists, who expect exports for the trade-sensitive nation to pick up in the final quarter of the year, as seen in recent data.Recent signs of bottoming in exports growth in bellwether countries such as Korea, Taiwan, and crucially China, are encouraging. We have seen some early signs of this in the (Singapore) non-oil domestic exports data for October, and chances are more will come through into the year-end.Non-oil domestic exports rose 7.9 percent in October from a year earlier, far better than the forecast of 3.1 percent in a Reuters poll. This reinforces the view that exports from trade powerhouses in the region are stabilizing after declining for most of the year.If exports continue to recover, Singapore’s GDP could pick up more strongly in the fourth quarter.Singapore’s trade-dependent economy is very sensitive to external demand because exports make up more than 200 percent of its GDP, making it one of the most vulnerable economies in the event of a global slowdown.Earlier this year, a possible disaster triggered by a Greek exit from the euro zone sparked concerns that Singapore would be tipped into a “major trade shock”, with the fallout similar to that of the 2008-09 financial crisis.So far, the economy has managed to avert a recession, while the third-quarter numbers are “poor,” the economy has probably bottomed in the third quarter.The Singapore economy continues to struggle in the context of a still subdued external environment. Credit Suisse expects the Singapore economy to expand 1.7 percent this year, compared to growth of 4.9 percent in 2011.

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