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Global presence of Ybrant Digital

Ybrant Digital – One of the leading Indian digital marketing company with significant global presence.Ybrant digital
 – Ybratn digital offers multi-channel platform with proprietary technology to reach consumers across different screens (net, mobile, video, social media) & across countries including faster growing emerging markets such as Latin America, Israel, India, China and Australia.
 – Made 12 corporate investments over the last six years to achieve wider market penetration in terms of        product & reach.
 – Generates over 1.5 billion searches and 34 billion impressions per month to service 150+ agencies & brands of over 2000+ advertisers and 6000+publishers across 140 countries.
 – Owner of premium brands like Lycos, Gamesville, Tripod and Angelfire
 – Ybrant also emerged as a player of relevance for three of the top five publisher networks and three of the top five advertising agencies globally.
 – Ybrant Digital partnered through advertising agencies with blue chip advertisers and publisher networks including MTV, Yahoo, Samsung, Facebook, MSN, Viacom, Amex, Mastercard, Maruti Suzuki, Bharati Airtel,Sony India, Coco Cola, Star India, Vodafone, Reliance Communications, Samsung Electronics, Lenovo, ING, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Titan, Unilever, P&G, Mazda, Hyundai Motors, Tata Motors, ICICI Bank, LIC, HP, Telstra and ITC.


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Ybrant Digital’s specifications as a Market Leader

ybrant-digitalIndustry pioneer:

Established in 2000, Ybrant Digital enjoys a decades worth of rich experience in digital advertising. It possesses deep industry insights and has influenced the gradual shift from traditional to digital media, on the back of rising Internet usage and penetration.

Global presence:

Ybrant Digital enjoys a strong presence in over 20 countries, enabling it to mitigate from socioeconomic risks of operations in one particular country.

Presence across Digital Medium:

Ybrant Digital enjoys presence across the entire digital marketing space from search marketing, display ads marketing, affiliate marketing to mobile and email marketing.

Superior Technology expertise:

Ybrant’s superior technology enriches niche services like geo-targeting, contextual targeting, behavioral targeting and tracking different target audiences. This edge helps it in efficient digital traffic management, optimized ad serving, quality data collection own aggregation and campaign analysis.

Intellectual capital:

Ybrant Digital enjoys a multicultural workforce comprising 415 competent employees globally.

Rich Relationships:

Ybrant Digital acts as an intermediary between advertisers, publishers and agencies helping connect businesses to their target audiences. The Company is associated with over 1,000 agencies, advertisers and 6,000 publishers. Thus, Ybrant Digital makes it easy for advertisers to connect with publishers and agencies through reliable efficient services.


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Ybrant Digital’s collaborative acquisitions

Ybrant DigitalYbrant Digital always focus on growth, both organic and inorganic. Company’s growth has been enormous in the last five years and its inorganic growth has also important role to play in this. Ybrant digital’s business expansion through acquisitions and mergers had gone extremely good and strategic than any other company with 90% success rate. Following are the key acquisitions Ybrant underwent in the recent years.

– Ybrant acquired Lycos for US$ 36 million in 2010, which is now its wholly-owned subsidiary.Lycos is the leading search-based Internet media and broadband content provider. It averages 12-15 monthly unique visitors a month in the US and is a top-25 Internet destination, reaching 60 million unique visitors globally.

– Ordian is Ybrant’s international ad network brand, conducting local sales and site-specific representation in Europe, North America, Latin America, Israel, Argentina, Germany, India and the UK. It is accredited by the Internet Advertising Sales House (IASH) and enables premium websites to monetize their international traffic in more than 40 countries.

– Ad Dynamix is an interactive ad network offering customized campaigns and conducts advertisement deliveries for the US market and specializes in performance-based advertising.

– MediosOne has an online ad network in South America, Europe and India and assists advertisers, publishers and agencies with graphical and contextual banners. It aids in demographic targeting and reaching out to users native languages.

– Dream ad is a leading ad network company specialized in Internet media and possesses an exclusive sales house for Microsoft advertising in Latin America.

– Max Interactive specializes in banner based web advertising and mobile. This strategic acquisition has helped Ybrant enter the attractive AsiaPacific market.


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Ybrant Digital’s technological platforms & advantages

Ybrant digitalYbrant Digital provides technology solutions to execute global advertisement campaigns by email marketing platforms, ad serving technology requirements, web analytics for publishers and marketer interfaces. Ybrant Digital deploys a mix of open source and commercially-available software, using the following technology platforms:

 Ad management system (AMS): It is an innovative advertisement management technology that combines targeting capabilities with robust tracking, inventory management and reporting features to provide comprehensive solutions or advertisers and publishers.
Co-registration: Co-registration engine is a web-based lead generation software solution, which helps publishers in campaign management, tracking website traffic, revenue accounting and providing performance details on statistical reports.
VoloMP: It is a bulk email platform and the best solution for email marketers as the platform is capable of sending up to 20 million emails per day and can enhance the client’s financial performance.
Affiliate management: Affiliate management software can track high volumes of impressions, clicks and specified actions that could come from different publishing sources including websites, emails, search engines and newsletters.
Ybrant Digital’s campaign analysis optimizes customer response rates and targets the right customer mix to achieve desired target goals

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Ybrant Digital’s Revenue Models

Ybrant digital provides end-to-end digital marketing solutions to global businesses, agencies, advertisers and online publishers, by utilizing the power of the Internet. It buys media from publishers and sells them to the advertisers and agencies.
-It has affiliations with over 6,000 online publishers and over 140 agencies.

CPM (Cost per thousand impressions):An impression is a single appearance of an advertisement on a web page.

Each time an advertisement loads onto a user’s screen, the ad server counts that loading as one impression. CPM is
used for measuring the worth and cost of a specific e-marketing campaign and it is usually applied with web banners,
text links, email and opt-in e-mail advertising.
CPC (Cost per click):
is used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay publishers when the advertisements are clicked upon.
CPA (Cost per action):
In CPA, the advertiser pays for each specified action purchase, form submission and other things inked to the advertisement.
Thus, –Ybrant Digital enables advertisers to tackle the potential of the digital media by connecting them to target audiences, enhancing their brand visibility and maximizing their revenues.

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Ybrant Digital’s Outlook on Revenue generating strategies

YBRANTThe digital advertising industry is poised for growth with almost 20 key players contributing US$ 1 billion in annual revenues each. In this exciting space, Ybrant Digital intends to emerge as an industry leader by 2015, generating annual revenues of US$ 1 billion through the following strategies:
Increase market share in the already established markets of the US and Europe through the organic and inorganic routes, and to leverage globally integrated model.
Acquire a stake in the Israel-based Web 3.0, which provides mobile marketing, performance based marketing and smartphone development solutions. This will help Ybrant expand geographically and acquire a strong advertising sales force.
Ybrant Digital also introduce a unique technology offering the best solutions for advertisers to access brand-safe and quality inventory as well as publishers to enjoy a constant feed of quality advertising to monetize their social network inventory.
Ybrant’s merge with LGS Global to create a global digital marketing powerhouse offering comprehensive digital marketing services for businesses, publishers and agencies across best in-class platforms.
Expansion of geographic presence to Eastern Europe, China, Africa and South Korea, developing a local merchant database through local search.
Ybrant aims at establishing relations with traditional advertising and media service providers through superior and comprehensive offerings.
Ybrant digital also planning to leverage sales network through the acquisition of an under monetized media.

The digital advertising industry is poised for growth with 20-30 key players contributing US$ 1 billion in annual revenues each. In this exciting space, Ybrant intends to emerge as an industry leader by 2015, generating annual revenues of US$ 1 billion through the following strategies:t Increase our market share in the already established markets of the US and Europe through the organic and inorganic routes, and leveraging our globally integrated model.t Acquire a stake in the Israel-based Web 3.0 (exclusive representative of Yahoo! Israel), which provides mobile marketing, performancebased marketing and smartphone development solutions. This will help Ybrant expand geographically and


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Ybrant Digital’s Operational Highlights 2010-11

Ybrant Digital capitalized on this digital marketing industry reality through the following performance: Ybrant

– Registered a 26.35% growth in revenues from `354.1 crore to 447.4 crore and 16% growth in net profit from `84.7 crore to 98.3 crore.

-Released Facebook Quality Control Center (QCC), a new technology solution to comply with Facebook’s advertising regulations, designed to enhance user experience and ensure that only the most relevant and acceptable advertisements are displayed.

-Selected by Facebook as its official marketing application programming interface (API) partner, which will enable the Ybrant digital’s technology platform to integrate into the Facebook Ads system and provide marketers with new solutions.

-Emerged as an exclusive representative for Viacom in Argentina and Chile strengths in display, social media and mobile to offer  seamless cross platform solutions.

 –Ybrant’s brand-safe solutions, prevent advertisements from appearing on non-legitimate sites in real-time.
 -Launched the first mobile advertising campaign using the new Mobile Ad server.
 –Ybrant Digital also launched Lycos Games in the UK and Australia.

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